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Your gun is your friend
Discover the top rated guns in commerce.

It is all about the gun

Experience does matter when you go out hunting. But at the same time, we believe the gun you use is more important. There are more types of hunting out there and each of them requires a particular gun or type of gun. Becoming familiar with these aspects is one of the first things you need when you choose to become a hunter. Experience is, indeed, important, but it comes with time. First, you need to focus on getting the right gun.

Rifle courses

These courses introduce you to the most common types of guns in hunting, as well as what they are usually used for.

Tips and tricks

These courses are mostly educational. You can learn some things the hard way or you can be aware of them before you go hunting.

Hunting courses

Once you have the gun and you know what you are supposed to do, you need a bit of practice and our hunting courses will open a new door for you.

a new lifestyle

Hunting provides access to a brand new experience. Not only does it provide food for your table, but it is also an empowering action. At the same time, it has an ethical profile as well, so a little education is mandatory.

Once you are familiar with the basics, we will take you through one chapter at a time. You will find out how each gun behaves and what it is used for, but you will also gain a bit of experience before going out there on your own. We have a plethora of courses to learn from, as well as answers to the most common questions you might have. Simply put, hunting is a lifestyle – a dangerous one. Therefore, it must be taken seriously.

Main courses

Our courses tackle a plethora of different aspects of hunting. Most importantly, you will learn from professional hunters with decades of experience in this field. They have been through everything, so they will give you some insights from personal experience. Moreover, you will discover guns, uses, tips and tricks that you would not be able to find out otherwise. There are more ways to become a hunter and educating yourself is by far the easiest one – you do not want to make any dangerous mistakes to learn, do you?


Go through the main steps to pick up the best gun for your hunting experience, but also familiarize yourself with the most common types.


Discover some of the top rated tools and equipment to find targets and even measure distances while hiding yourself.


While you are less likely to shoot at night, light conditions are not always ideal in forests or when the weather is too bad.

Top guns

Tikka T3 Superlite

This gun is suitable for most hunting operations.

Savage Arms 11/111 Trophy Hunter

The name is self explanatory – designed to hunt.

Remington Model 783 Scope Combo

This is one of the top rated guns in the shooting industry.

Hunting reviews


Excellent courses – they are far from the average general courses you can find online. Everything is specific and straightforward.

Mark Pincher

These are some of the most specific courses I have ever been through – well detailed and made to suit most hunters out there.

David Payne

Our hunting team

Get in touch with our trainers and experienced hunters. Find out more about them and discover their secrets.


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